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In an effort to keep me and my crew safe after I was promoted to Captain in 2006 which was the same exact time my son told me he wanted to be a firefighter in the City of Newark and thus iPrepPro.com was created.

This is my straight forward approach taken right out on the books the state of NJ told me I needed to know. I would use MENTORS and Post Incident Evaluations of Newark LODD and make my long term goal a guide for my son to pursue a career that I knew could kill him.

iPrepPRO.com is dedicated to the Newark firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice. It is an effort to create a legacy for the men and their families that pays the respect and honor for their courage at the detriment of their own families futures in the wake of tragedy.

Without Warning

It now became my mission to do for him what I had done for a small group of guys I had studied with, which was break down the information and record the process for quicker and more efficient learning.  It is a mission I continue to this day being 4 years retired.


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