Marcus A. Reddick

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Marcus A. Reddick On New Years Eve 1985 A firefighter who fell 35 feet and cushioned the fall of a woman he was trying to rescue from a third-floor apartment remained in critical condition for 2 days.
Firefighter Marcus Reddick was treated at University Hospital for head, neck, back and chest injuries. He died January 2nd, 1986.

The fire started Tuesday night in a three-story frame structure, said fire director John Caufield. After spotting Mrs. Ubeda waving and screaming from her window, Reddick climbed a 35-foot ladder to try to rescue her, Caufield said.

Another firefighter, Andy Marcell, climbed behind Reddick and grabbed his legs to secure him, but as Mrs. Ubeda reached for Reddick, they lost their balance and fell to the ground.

The apartment resident, Angela Ubeda, improved from serious to stable condition, Mrs. Ubeda, 67, fell atop Reddick and suffered only from smoke inhalation and she made a full recovery.

Helmets Hung Above the Streets

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