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To help the INCIDENT COMMANDER direct and manage the incident in the event a MAYDAY is transmitted from an interior company, a checklist has been developed to ensure that all tasked are being covered. The checklist is outlined below. It is an excellent template from which the incident commander can base their operations during an extremely stressful situation.

• Request emergency traffic.
• (LUNAR-location, unit, name or number, assignment and resources needed).
• Deploy rescue sector.
• Request additional alarms (x two).
• Change plan to offensive/defensive strategy-rescue mode.
• Assign additional companies to rescue sector.
• Obtain Personnel Accountability Reports (PAR) on all crews, including their location.
• Reinforce firefighting positions. Utilize large handlines (2.5 inches).
• Assign chief officer to the rescue sector.
• Assign second chief to rescue branch. Move to channel two or three.
• Maintain radio and crew discipline.
• Open all doors and windows.
• Ventilate and maintain tenability; provide lighting (TED).
• Assign safety sector.
• Assess structural stability (safety sector/branch).
• Expand rehabilitation sector (air utility near rescue entry).
• Establish treatment and transportation sectors (request ambulances).
• Assign chief officer to medical sector/branch.
• Assess technical rescue requirements.

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