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Leading By Example

This is my straight forward approach taken right out on the books I used to enhance my knowledge. introduces you to the MENTORS and uses Post Incident Evaluations to guide long term goals.

I was a team builder long before my firefighting career defined my life journey. Through firefighting I learned many of life’s lessons. It has always been my MISSION to do for my Son what I had done for my brother firefighters. Essential to firefighting is team building and LEADING BY EXAMPLE.

I have committed to an ongoing process with CANI (Constant & Never-ending Improvement) built in. This system has been applied to everything I learn and teach. I continue to record the process using a variety of websites, Podcasts and YouTube video to find the information to make progress exponentially.

While I studied for promotion to battalion chief I started applying the lessons I was learning. I noticed that the lessons were the same as the power talk tapes I was listening to in the 1990 when I chose Tony Robbins as my 1st mentor to get me to my DESTINY.

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