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This is my straight forward approach taken from the study material referenced in Step 1. introduces you to the MENTORS and uses Post Incident Evaluations of Newark Fire Department LODD designed to communicate proper IMS Strategic Goals and Tactical Objectives that were changed as a result of these past tragedies and conflagrations . Our guide in this process were the 16 Point Safety Initiatives that came out of Tampa in 2004 Safety Summit and Vincent Dunn’s Books.

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Many lessons have been learned by me THROUGH NETWORKING and with the wealth of knowledge acquired and bringing together successful teams I have worked with in the past, I am ready to expand my base and inspire the world to spread peace and understanding.

In the beginning of my artistic journey there were “delusions of grandeur”. Everything I saw in my head I said out loud to the people closest to me. Viddiots Production was the result almost 25 years ago. It was a long term goal that networked hard with many people as we carved our out niche. WE used SOFTBALL AS OUR VEHICLE. Heading