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Sandlot Style Baseball brought to West Bradenton

I have run Baseball and Softball teams since 1990. NFD Softball was a 25-year endeavor that spanned many leagues and tournaments. It was a building process that gave me a wealth of knowledge and a few Championship trophies for good measure.

It all starts with a game plan

I take a “Training in Context” approach with the Little League baseball teams I manage. I eliminate the bad call controversies and get down to the nitty gritty and teach in a fun and intuitive way, honing Baseball skills in a non-hostile environment and having fun doing it. This is baseball like it ought to be for young players.

Starting with the BASICS

Starting in the Spring of 2021 I will be drafting as many players from the iPrepPro Sandlot Camp to play on my team. This process is a journey I started when I decided to share my knowledge and passion for baseball with anyone who can stand me back in the fall of 2019. Communication is key to any teams success so I start here and now in an effort to keep everyone team oriented. This grass roots approach is necessary as baseball is a complexed endeavor.

Now it is time to test that knowledge.



This only works with one Manager. Sandlot is for tweaking and the GAMES ARE FOR WINNING by using the information gathered at practice and the games during the season, I will formulate a game plan. Please once your player is in my dugout let me call the game. I explain my approach during POST GAME EVALUATIONS.

Needs Analysis: ANALYTICS

Earn your spot in the games during practice sessions by understanding the rules and fundamentals of the game. During Sandlot we work on game situations that arise during league games, this approach promotes understanding and rapid growth.

ANALYTICS will determine the GAME PLAN.

Perez Homes Fall 2020. 17-0-1

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PAIGE7188.000 1.125 2
GIO3207.0002.333 2