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John Kennedy Wilson
Digital Instructor


Within this website I have Formatted my Delivery of this information to Suit my Fact Finding Mission & Needs Analysis while I use the latest technology to streamline the information to speed up the learning process, for myself and anyone who is looking for direction and does not know where to start.

I use my iMac and MacBook Pro to create multimedia files. I use  iTunes to organize my information. I update my material  consistently.  I have always used my art skills to learn what I needed to survive in school and life. I developed this learning process originally for the iPod Study Program I created for myself and a few friends and since for this website and anyone who is looking think outside the box.

This system can be modified to record and deliver any program to meet the requirements of a any criteria and deliver the information in an organized manner using iTunes, Playlists and the World Wide Web.

Now I apply the same goal setting system to everything I do. This website is My Portfolio. Thank You for taking the time to visit. If there is anything I can help you with, Please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME

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