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I am ready to expand my base and influence the next generation of artists going forward. I have acquired a wealth of knowledge in bringing together successful teams through firefighter training networking. I learned how to paint at duCret School of Art as computer courses were being introduced for the 1st time. I concentrated on video production and worked on a grass roots approach to everything I do.

iPrepPro.com is dedicated to using Modern Technology and to LEARN, SHARE, NETWORK & GROW. Beginning with the end in mind.

IMS as a Baseline to success.

I spent most of my firefighting career working within the Incident Management System/ IMS. This was a disciplined approach to keep everyone safe by forking from a Single Operational Plan/SOP. I studied this system for years and now have found a way to apply the basic concepts to teach myself anything I want to learn by using the

iPreppro.com 7 Steps to Success

  1. Download Current Study Guide/sorce material

2. Create Index Cards from source materials

3. Refer to books and index cards to create scripts and templates.

4. Create video presentations based on your work.

5. be brave, ask for critiques

6. Be a student, Be a mentor.

7. Review, Revise, Repeat



In the beginning of my artistic journey there were “delusions of grandeur”. Everything I saw in my head, I said out loud to the people closest to me. 25 years ago Viddiots.com Production was the result . It was a long term goal that networked hard with many people as we carved our out niche. WE used SOFTBALL AS OUR VEHICLE.


Many things have changed since the inception of viddiots.com. 10 years into our Mission we floundered by trial and error as we picked the wrong marketing agency to replace our inexperience with inexperience and thus iPrepPro was born out of frustration. It was time for me to take the bull by the horns. This time my energy was focused on an intranet for FIREFIGHTERS and I developed a training program to learn WORDPRESS for when I was ready to get back in the RACE.

Next Steps…


I have always used my talents to help others and in turn, I grew as an artist and influencer. Now I am looking to take iPrep Promotions LLC to the next level.

It has always been my mission to do for my Son what I have done for my Brothers. This is the group of guys I have studied with through the years and which grows every test cycle, with iPrepPro.com, I break down the information and record the process for quicker and more efficient learning.  It is an ongoing process with CANI (Constant & Never-ending Improvement) built in. I have applied this system to everything I want to learn and going forward I continue to record the process. I use a variety of websites, Podcasts and YouTube video to find the information to make progress exponentially.

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